Ready For The Cooking Competition Of Your Life?


The competition’s on with your favorite circle of friends. And the fantastic thing about this one is that you all will enjoy deciding who wins. Are you ready for a cook-off that you’ll never forget?

time for a friendly soup and sandwich cook off with the gals

As a former military wife, I had to creatively figure out how to meet others like me on a frequent basis or be bored stiff in a new location. I met up with other wives in a myriad of ways but one was through a friendly competition. The prize? Dinner and a movie for two.

Our husbands were part of the same squadron and engaged in “war games” a few times each year. So, one savvy military wife decided she’d initiate our own kind of games once per quarter.

For spring, we did a soup and sandwich “cook-off.” We all brought a dessert to share but they weren’t entered into the competition. They were simply to enjoy afterward. I had never tasted such a variety of gourmet soups, deli-sandwiches, and paninis. 

For summer we did “Supper on the Patio”, for fall “Prelude to Thanksgiving,” and winter was “Cozy Comfort foods.” This also connected us to home since we were all so far from family. 

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