How To Turn Your Retirement Into The Best Years Of Your Life


What if you could spin a globe, point, and pack? If money wasn’t an object, and you were ready for high-adventure, you could go most anyplace in the world. However, retirement without borders isn’t limited to travel. 

retirement without borders

Retirement lifts many borders. You’re no longer in a cubicle or the same few rooms at work. The guidelines, that once dictated your day, no longer exist.  

You can join a club you previously had no time for. Or volunteer with a charity to utilize the skills you honed throughout your career. You can also deepen existing relationships and enter new ones. 

If travel is on your list, you can enjoy a cruise or spend weeks in Europe. The internet can give you ideas and provide helpful travel planners to get you started. You are also free to jump in your RV and travel America with little pre-planning.

Your grandchildren can also enjoy your new leisure time. You can share their summer vacations. Trips to the zoo, to children’s museums, or planetariums can be the highlight of their week. They may also enjoy accompanying you on a larger scale. Have you ever dreamed of taking your grandchildren to Disneyworld?

Retirement without borders can include the grandkids.

Retirement with no borders


Let them help with ideas. They may suggest a campout or a visit to their favorite play structure. Older ones may be reluctant but if they can take a friend along and there are jet skis or dune buggies, you’ll probably have some joiners.

A retirement without borders can include tearing down some walls while opening new avenues of communication. Bonding times, such as those away from home, can provide the time and setting. 

Consider the possibilities. What would you do if there were no alarm clocks, no deadlines, and no commute? It may be time for that family reunion and you’re free to help plan it. You may offer a senior trip to a graduating grandson or daughter and join them for the time of your lives.

With the borders down, and sometimes the barriers, retirement can open a whole new world. Enjoy it whether you’re near or far.