4 Creative Winter Activities And Crafts To Enjoy With Your Grandchildren


For those of us who follow Mr. Groundhog, the announcement of six more weeks of winter can brighten rosy cheeks and happy eyes. Keep those hats, boots, and mittens handy. There’s snow much fun still ahead.

Snow much fun

When my oldest daughters were small, they loved anything Little House on The Prairie. Like Laura and Mary, they threw molasses out on the snow to make instant rock candy and fetched buckets of clean snow to make snow-cream.  

Their dad was in the armed forces, so we traveled a lot. When we were taken out of “cold country,” there were many things we missed. Including those extra six weeks of winter.

When living in the mountains of Idaho, we had so much snow that it was hauled to the south in dump trucks. We heard reports of the fantastic fun, children were having in warmer climates, with our overstock of snowflakes.

Do your grandkids love snow? 

If so, teach them some new ways to have snow much fun. 

You may not enjoy the cold or the snow tracked through the living room but the memories will far outlast the carpet. 

Hearts aglow in falling snow

Snow much fun

  • Keep a few sheets of black construction paper in your freezer. When the snow starts falling, quickly bundle your grands and grab your construction paper. Stand outside and catch snowflakes on it. You’ll be able to observe the beauty of each flake against the black paper.
  • If you having a heavy snowfall, wait for an hour then put out a bucket to catch freshly falling snow. Add small amounts of whole milk, vanilla, and sugar; mixing it lightly after each addition, until you get your desired consistency. Instant snow-cream.
  • After a fresh, fallen snow, put on your boots and help your grands stomp and drag their feet through the snow to make pictures and special messages. Take photos of their masterpieces. Snow hearts are as wonderful as snow angels. 
  • If it’s too cold, yet the snow is inspiring, soften some vanilla ice cream and shape it into snowmen. Decorate each one with edible items around the kitchen. Baby carrots can serve as noses and raisins for eyes.

Don’t let the groundhog get you down. Put his lingering prediction to work for you and your grandkids. It’s snow much more fun that way.