Berry Dessert Ideas For Sweet Tooth Cravings Without The Calories


Time for dessert and you want it to be sweet. After all, enjoying mealtimes, to include our desserts, is a pleasantry of life. We can keep it that way and still avoid too much sugar–by calling in the berries.

healthy desserts with strawberries

Old habits are hard to break; especially those that have brought so much joy. Who doesn’t love birthday cake and ice cream, an occasional donut or warm and chewy chocolate chip cookies? And when one of daughters or granddaughters finds a new recipe for cheesecake, I don’t want to be left out.

However, I do wish to be healthy. Thus, if I indulge every time something sweet pops from the oven, I’d sabotage one of my loftiest goals.

Therefore, I choose all things in moderation and allow the sweetest of sweets at times but opt for less sugary treats in between. 

I found if I removed the berries from our main meals, they became a welcomed dessert. Their bright colors and natural sweetness were worth looking forward to rather than getting lost among the bowls or salads and sides. And they paired well with a bit of cream, nonfat yogurt or a smidge of vanilla ice cream.

Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries – all ready for garnish

desserts healthy eating

After a satisfying meal, I love to linger around the table and chat. Then I bring out a bowl of mixed berries and variety of mix and match toppings. My grandkids have come up with some interesting ideas for their bowls. See what you think. 

Toppings and layerings for berries:

  • whipped cream cheese
  • cottage cheese
  • ricotta cheese
  • plain or berried flavored kefir
  • Whipped heavy cream – no sugar added
  • yogurt of all types
  • crushed butter cookies
  • crushed cornflakes
  • sugar-free jellos and puddings
  • sugar-free jams

One of my grandkids layered his berries with peanut butter and another tried mayo. Can’t say I followed on but they ate theirs.

I also think the enjoyment of food is enhanced by the company we keep. If that means sitting around the living room or out on the patio with my grands–I’m in a happy spot to eat about anything.

Do you and your family have a tried and true way to leave your berries for dessert? Tell us about it.