The Dating Fast Track For Seniors To Find Their Perfect Match


If you are entering the dating field late in life, chances are, you’ve suffered a divorce or the loss of a spouse. It’s going to take lots of courage to get back out there. Ready for a different approach to modern dating for seniors? 

Senior dating, coffee shop

First, be sure you’re ready. A few visits to a personal counselor or therapist may help to process your divorce or loss of your former spouse. There, you can learn about the stages of recovery and discern where you are in your progress.

Next, a senior dating coach may help to gain a better understanding of yourself and what you desire in a companion. When you fell in love years ago, you probably had little knowledge of self but now you’ve got history to help you. A dating coach can ask specific questions to bring awareness of your personal evolution and who you are today. 

A coach can also make suggestions as to the best personality type to look for. He or she can help to devise a top five list of traits you seek or pin down common hobbies and interests you’d like to share. 

Finally, consider the family dynamic. They’ll be the ones to receive and accept, or reject, the newcomer you introduce. And it goes both ways. Spend time with each other’s families. Interactions with both sets of children and grandchildren can give the green light or put out the stop sign. 

Modern dating for seniors isn’t all modern.



seniors with rose

At the core of every dating experience is the desire to find a suitable match. Today, we may go about it by different methods but still, we seek harmony. A senior is in the best place of all in life to date again. They better understand themselves. Their families are well established. Best of all, they’re in no hurry so each person can be considered. 

Modern senior dating can start with an introduction in church, at a club or place where you volunteer. You can still incorporate the old-fashioned charm of roses and chocolates but this time you won’t be alone.

The whole family can come out to celebrate.