How Your Second Marriage Can Have The Best Proposal Ever!


From childhood, many of us dreamed of our wedding days. We drew gowns, peered through the glass of jewelry stores and watched as movie-screen princes proposed on bended knee. If we had it to do again, what would be our ideal proposal?

senior grand proposal

A widowed friend of mine spent four years dating a wonderful man. He had also lost his spouse and their relationship grew slowly and sweet. I know the proposal was coming and so did she. And just like a giddy school girl, she had big dreams and much excitement. How did he pop the question? At her family reunion.

However, none of us saw it coming that day. Since I had known her family for years, I was lucky enough to be present. She had just won a pie eating contest and was covered with blueberries. He knelt down beside the picnic table, to dab her mouth with a napkin, then presented his proposal… and the ring.

She threw her arms around him and we all cheered. Her grandkids gathered around with hugs and kisses for grandma. And giggles and squeezes for soon-to-be grandpa. 

Another friend was divorced and had dated off and on for many years. She had given up hope of a lasting relationship when we all met him. Our pastor had asked him to come help paint her garage. Two years later he proposed in front our entire congregation. It was during our Christmas luncheon. He had gotten prior permission from our pastor and asked for her hand right their beside the punch bowl.

A union the whole family applauds

senior grand proposal

The wonderful thing about these two suitors was their openness to my friends’ loved ones. They spent lots time “dating” as a family. So, by the time the proposals came everyone was ready and waiting. 

As we age, everything changes from our appearance, our health, our income and our careers. And we may sometimes forget how loveable we really are. Such was the case for my friends.

Did you date later in life or get a “family” proposal? Tell us about it.