The Show Our Grandchildren Should NEVER Watch


What about that Church Lady? Have you found her scathing and irreverent remarks to ring true? At Saturday Night Live, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. 

Church Chat SNL

The Church Lady tells it like it is. 

If she sees it and thinks it, she says it. 

In her estimation, today’s pastors go from paper routes to pulpits and she instructs them to at least wear clip-on ties atop their tee shirts. 

She’s sure Jesus never wore tight, little v-necks and skinny jeans.

To her, real churches don’t have loud music, cafes, and big screen media. She says the only other she knows who loves rock music, hanging out in public and watching TV all day is Satan. 

When it comes to Satan, she claims he has directed some of the biggest names in TV evangelism. 

Her judgment call is for such men to spill their guts as she prompts the cruel details.

Next, comes her summation and sarcastic quips granting forgiveness. And not forgetting the dance–all must join in to leave the interrogation behind.

The Church Lady says nearly every man in Hollywood is a homosexual and calls out names to prove her bias. She’s well versed in today’s sinful issues, caused by Satan, and claims to have Jesus and the Word of God behind her.

However, she’s been judged in return as a twisted and perverted mind that relishes digging up the mud on everyone she meets.

A personal look at Church Chat


Church Chat SNL

Just for a minute, consider her claims. Is this world full of evil that goes against the Lord Jesus? And are her devilish descriptions a reality? Is Satan truly behind so many things?

To me, Church Chat on SNL does present some truth. But in the most despicable ways. 

When it comes to my grandkids, I wouldn’t put the Church Lady out there as a role model of compassion and forgiveness and wouldn’t want them to view her clips.

Not because she’s always wrong in her evaluations but sometimes painfully right. And I want to protect my grandkids as long as possible from such harsh realities.

As for the music, the cafe, multi-media presentations and a pastor without a tie– count me in. My kids and grands too.