The Rock And Pop Songs That Shaped Our Boomer Generation


“To every season–turn, turn, turn–there is a reason…” And for the baby boomer, their seasons and reasons had a lot to do with what they were listening to on the radio. What role did the music of the 50s, 60s, and 70s have in our lives?

pop and rock boomers

They say the music of the boomer generation affected the way we spoke, what we wore, and the cars we drove.  Our lyrics were about love, peace, sadness, failure, hope, pleasures, and the future. Therefore, there was something for everyone and our radios were blaring.

“Johnny B. Goode” was great on the guitar, so we had to try it. And when we came home feeling tired and beat we went “Up On The Roof.”

We enjoyed those moments alone but felt for “Eleanor Rigby” and were sorry for the plight of Father McKenzie. Thus, we armed ourselves with love and thoughtfulness for all mankind.

Furthermore, we tried to “Imagine” a world where there was nothing to kill or die for. And some of us protested conflicts and war.

We felt deserving of our piece of the “American Pie” while on this earth– and when life came to an end, we’d buy a “Stairway To Heaven.”

It’s not that we didn’t face our share of the “Fire And Rain” but something inside of our idealistic hearts just couldn’t “Stop Believing.”

Yes, we boomers had life by the tail and never for a moment were we going to align with the establishment. We wanted all things beautiful, fresh, pleasant, and peaceful.

However, we didn’t get everything we wanted, so we carried our idealism into adulthood where we assured our own children that there was a bridge over every troubled water. And so our legacy went marching on.

The Music That Made Us

pop and rock boomers

What do boomers listen to today? The same stuff we did as teenagers. And someday we’ll show our stash of concert memorabilia to our grandkids.

There was much to love about the music which shaped our culture. It was often times issues-oriented but we had our tearjerkers as well. And one thing’s for sure, we know our “future lies beyond the yellow brick road.”

Which songs are you holding onto?