How To Organize An Exciting Retirement Party Your Grandkids Will LOVE


Thinking about your retirement party? Why not bust out of the old routine and do something everyone is sure to remember. And invite the grandkids!

retirement party

First, consider your grands. They will someday enter the workforce and carry our country forward in every field. That little grandson may become a brilliant architect and your granddaughter a world-class gymnast. Or vise-versa.

Therefore, your retirement party is their big chance to play the part and for you to indulge the pleasure.

And what about you? If you went through the “I want to be a fireman” stage, did you get a hat to go with it? Because every fireman needs a hat or at least a pair of heavy-duty gloves.

If you wanted to become a doctor or a nurse, did you have a little red medical kit with a stethoscope and plastic, blood pressure cuff?

And most of all, did you get a chance to fulfill that dream? If not, do it now if only for the evening.

Turn your retirement party into a costume party. Invite your guests to come dressed in the work gear or uniform corresponding to the job they’ve always dreamed of and include their children and grandchildren. 

Have each guest, young and old, give a quick plug for their industry or a short spiel about their dream job. Prompt the little ones by asking them questions concerning their costume and let the fun begin.   

Finally, keep the food and drinks family-friendly and enjoy showing off your grands to the coworkers that heard so much about them over the years. 

Consider a surprise party

retirement party

Not all retirements are announced from the rooftops. If someone you love is retiring from several years of civil or church volunteer work, let them know how much their service was appreciated. 

This is a good time for light refreshments, lots of thank you cards and hugs and squeezes. 

Costumes? Try putting together some skits that humorously depict “a day in the life of” the church secretary or the information clerk at the VA hospital. 

Let your retiree sit back and enjoy the laughter. He or she will get a kick out of seeing their former role in a new light.

Last, of all, remember that retirement is not an end but rather a beginning. Make it a good one!