Discover How Trump’s Actions Are Affecting Our Grandchildren – And Us


Republican President Donald Trump promised to make America great again. This is something we all want, especially for our grandkids. Did he deliver earlier this year in his first State of The Union Address?

Trump State of Union - Grandkids

President Trump reported, that since his term of office began, employment has increased by 2.4 million jobs. He said that Apple plans to invest $350 billion in America and hire another 20,000 workers.

He stressed Chrysler’s decision to move production of its heavy-duty pickups from Mexico to Michigan and said auto companies, overall, have created or are expanding their plants in the US. Consequently, more jobs in the automotive and computer industries will be open to our grandchildren. That’s what we want to hear.

Trump boasted of the repeal of the core of Obama Care, which levied a tax on those without government ordered health care. This mainly affected earners under $50,000. Thus, many of our grandkids, who are just starting out, will no longer pay penalties when they land their first jobs or are working toward full-time benefits.

Trump’s tax cuts have provided tax-cut bonuses up to several thousand dollars for approximately 3 million workers. Again, many of these include our grandchildren and their young families.

What about the military? Do you have grandsons or daughters serving in the Armed Forces? President Trump says we have successfully driven ISIS from 98% of their territory. Remember Vietnam? We were often unable to fight as desired. Trump is allowing US commanders to make many of their own choices out in the field and order airstrikes. This is good news for our service-people.

The border wall with Mexico and increased security is going forward. This not only helps to deter those who may intend harm, mainly through drug trafficking but may help to secure jobs for our grandkids about to enter the market.

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