Republican Memorabilia For Every Collector


Reagen blazer buttons, Nixon campaign jewelry, and GOP Elephant light bulbs. Got memorabilia? Let’s take a look at all things Republican and share a few laughs as we go.

Republican memorabilia

What’s the most absurd collectible you’ve found at a flea market?

I once found a toothbrush that was purported to have been used by a famous opera singer. I didn’t recognize the singer. And fragments left in the brush were disgusting. 

But when it comes to flea markets, auctions and online treasuries, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Republicans included.

For instance, you can pick up a vintage, Republican Elephant bobblehead made in Japan. Or if you’re into things that shine, pick up the convention’s usher’s badge from 1952.

In addition, there’s always coins, metals, and tickets connected to the GOP.

However, if you’re starting a new cache of Republican collectibles, consider adding in our First Lady. A fake million dollar bill featuring her image is hot off the press. 

So far, the most widely sought after collectibles are those pertaining to President Lincoln followed by fellow Republicans Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagen. 

Yet, forecasters predict that Trump mementos, such as the 2016 Trump Victory Newspaper will someday rake in the cash.

Trump: A businessman, TV personality, and President

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