The Best Way To Spend A Rainy Day With Your Grandkids


Winter, spring, summer, and fall all have their down days. However, when the rain’s pounding on the rooftops, warm and cheery activities can be happening on the inside. And out!

rainy day activities

We all like to head to the kitchen on rainy days. It’s the warm spot in the house and many times in the heart.

Our grandkids love to bake cookies, muffins, and brownies and drink them with tall glasses of milk and giggles. We love the reminder of days gone by.

But with all the allergies and health warnings these days, we may want to change things up. Our grandkids love to mix and knead. They also love to watch the baking pans go in and out of the oven.

However, those pans can hold both old and new. Try some healthier versions of your old favorites. Less sugar and fat is helpful to all of us.

Remember, your younger grands have not experienced the activities you’ve shared with their older siblings and cousins. So, a messy-good day in the kitchen gives everyone their turn.

Rainy days can be just as fun outside

rainy day acitvities

I recall a fresh, spring rain when my grandson asked if we could dig in the mud of my garden. Honestly, I didn’t want to. But the time we spent sloshing up to our ankles is one of his favorite memories.

On another occasion, my granddaughter asked if we could follow a pair of nesting ducks down the road–in the rain. We did. And found their cozy nest of eggs.

On still another rainy day, I took four of my grandkids to the park. No one was there, of course, and we had crazy-fun sliding down wet slides and swinging with the raindrops against our cheeks. 

I wouldn’t say I’m the most adventurous grandma. I’d much rather be inside journaling or reading a book about propagating houseplants, but when it comes to those moments that may never be repeated. I’m all in.

What do you like to do with your rainy days? Would your grands love to march through the puddles?