The Love Hate Relationship Between SNL And Baby Boomer Trump


Still in love with Saturday Night Live? Baby Boomer Donald Trump use to be but the love-hate relationship is dying fast. What went wrong at SNL?

SNL and Trump

SNL hit TV in the fall of 1975 as NBC’s Saturday Night. It was America’s live, late-night variety show and no doubt Donald Trump was one of its fans. 

In 2004, Trump hosted an episode. In his opening monologue, he said it was great to be on Saturday Night Light but it was even better for SNL that he was there. He called himself a ratings machine when he spoke of his hit show “The Apprentice.”

Darrell Hammond joined him on stage to give his Trump impression, “You’re fired.”

In November of 2015, Trump was back. After boasting of his talents and personal attributes, he said he had returned because he had nothing better to do.

He also stated that SNL had ridiculed him for many years and it had been a disaster. However, he could take a joke. 

Once again, he was joined on stage by Darrell Hammond and also Taran Killman who both gave their best Trump impersonations.

It was all fun and games.

What killed it for Trump?

SNL and Trump

SNL hasn’t changed. It has and will always continue to parody any person it chooses. However, when Donald Trump was running for President, he saw what he previously referred to as ridicule, taken in jest, as a “hit job” on him.

He spouted a series of tweets in which he said Alec Baldwin’s impression of Trump “stinks.” And that SNL is a “Boring and unfunny show.”

Baldwin countered with suggestions that Trump focuses on improving the lives of as many Americans as possible and on foreign policy. Including fighting for freedom, not just oil.  Baldwin further advised the President to call him at SNL.

What went wrong? Until destined for the White House, Trump could take the jokes. Perhaps that unique spotlight opened the floodgates of criticism.

Has SNL gone too far in its handling of our Commander in Chief? You decide.

As a grandma, I say, “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.”