How To Get Your Next Paycheck Through Your Bond With God


Does someone in your family need a job? It could be your son, daughter, a grandchild or even yourself. The Bible says we can pray about everything–that includes how we’re going to pay the bills.  


praying for employment

Years ago when I entered the workforce, I got a lucky break through my sister-in-law. When each of my children hit their teenage years, a few of them got grandfathered in but most had to pound the pavement, or at least the internet, in search of employment.

When they went off to college, they took jobs on campus or in the surrounding area. And they worked hard to earn their degrees.

The first thing I think about when praying for work is whether or not the person truly needs a job. In the case of my teenagers still at home, probably not. But my grandson in his freshman year at college, yes.

And finding employment for myself, even at an age when many are retiring, was a necessity. 

You may have heard the phrase, “be sure to put feet to your prayers.” In the case of employment, that is especially appropriate and scriptural. Hard work, even to find work, is sometimes all it takes.

When prayer is necessary to get the paycheck


praying about employment

I gather with a small group at church for prayer, as do several of my children and grands. 

Our most prevalent theme, when it comes to employment, is to ask for wisdom to find the right job that will utilize our skills and experience. Pay, scheduling, distance from home and other factors are also important but if we’re fit for the job, perhaps those benefits will come in time. 

We ask God to help us remain calm and poised for each interview and to have discernment when listening to the interviewer. Does this company seem reputable and fair?

Most importantly, we pray for connections. Sometimes that happens when someone sitting in your prayer group knows of a lead right then. Sometimes those that prayed spread the word.

At other times, we give our request for a job, pray in agreement with friends then wait. But not at idle. We keep looking, bringing up our need and hoping.