Grandparents Meditate Today To Achieve Health Benefits


Do you have to sit on the floor and strike a yoga pose in order to meditate? Or is meditation something else? I’d dare say this art of focus and concentration was encouraged back in biblical times through the writings of King David.

what part does meditation play

According to the Merriman-Webster dictionary, meditation simply means, “to engage in contemplation or reflection.” It can also mean to conduct a mental exercise meant to help reach a greater state of spiritual awareness but not in its purest form.

David said he meditated on God during the night and on the works of His hands. He also mediated on God’s word and statutes. Furthermore, he asked God to consider David’s meditation hoping it to be acceptable.  

When I meditate, I consider the things around me. I can sit in my garden and ponder the growth of the plants, which speaks to me of the orderly fashion of creation. It also reminds me that just as a plant needs fertile soil, water, and sunshine. In the same way, my being needs nourishment from many sources. 

In addition, I like to think about people and relationships. My grandkids give me lots of material to examine and their place in today’s changing society can quickly change my thoughts into prayers.

And like King David, I love to meditate on God, His word, and His ways. Whereas many of my friends hit the hiking trails to engage their deepest thoughts. And they emerge with greater energy and resolve.

Meditation can be done anyplace where you can focus on the inner world of thought and exploration. It doesn’t take special clothes and there’s no need for humming or the repetition of a mantra. 

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