10 Tips To Renew Your Energy For The Upcoming Easter


What do you do when the calendar says “backyard Easter egg hunt” and your body says “remain in hibernation?” You gear up and boost your energy.

no energy for easter

As spring emerges, I sometimes find myself lagging behind with the snow on my midwestern lawn. I know the grandkids are expecting another fun-filled Easter at grandma’s but curling up with a good book for another couple weeks, sounds better. 

I have a few Easter memories that help– to a point. When I was eight years old, my grandmother bought me a lovely lavender dress to wear to Sunday services. It was her favorite color and I wore it long after it was outgrown. A few years later, my best friend, the practical joker, dyed raw eggs and offered them to the construction crew working behind her house. She tossed them lunch. So much for egg on all of our faces but the smile remains.

My grandkids love the candy most of all. Thus, I could skip the eggs thing altogether, and have. But here’s the twist: I’ve stuffed those colorful plastic eggs and hidden them inside the house rather than the backyard. Oh, the sweetness of compromise.

So, how can we all boost our Easter energy? Try some of these ideas for three days prior. After all, three days is part of the big event.

  • Make sure you’re drinking enough water to help detox.
  • Eat whole foods and avoid processed sugars and fat.
  • Consider a 3-day juicing stint if health allows.
  • Practice deep breathing for a few minutes when you arise to help de-stress.
  • Take a brisk walk.
  • Nap for about thirty minutes in the afternoon.
  • Enjoy a comedy movie or time with your most fun-loving friend. Laugh.
  • Reflect on the beauty of your faith and past Easter celebrations.
  • Play uplifting music as you prepare the house, dye eggs, and assemble baskets.
  • Count your blessings– starting with your grandkids.

The Energy of New Clothes

no energy for easter

There’s something to be said of the pick-me-up of new clothing. After a three day re-focus on your own wellbeing, you’ll feel better than ever when you don them for church services. And when your grands arrive that afternoon, you’ll have all the energy you need.

As we age, it’s good to change things up according to our needs. And we can do so without breaking with our favorite traditions.

What are some of your favorite Easter memories? And which ones are you creating for your grandchildren?