Pros And Cons Of Using THESE Kinds Of Transportation


With so much public transportation, no one needs to sit at home. Get up and get out there for shopping, visits, appointments, and continued independence. 

need transportation?

My grandmother had a very pointed yet quiet way of telling us she needed transportation. She’d emerge from her room in a sweater, shopping shoes, and handbag and sit in her chair by the front door. In complete silence, she’d sit and smile at whoever strolled by.

There were four teenagers in the house. Each one of us would systematically attempt to sneak past her to go to work, school, or out with friends. However, there was no avoiding that sweet smile, so one of us would always give in. 

Losing the ability to drive can send some into a panic, deep depression, or even lead to a loss of identity. I think of a dear friend who had once left the house each day to attend club meetings, lunches with friends, and to visit her grandchildren. She also loved to shop. When her sudden decrease in vision left her homebound, she became a different person.

No one can stay home forever. If we wait around for friends and family to show up with our ride, we may end up sitting purse in hand until our smiles have long since faded.

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