Most Appearing Hosts On SNL


Who hosts Saturday Night Live? Actors, musicians, people in politics, and anyone SNL chooses. Trending people and topics have kept the show alive since 1975. Who keeps showing up?

Hosts SNL

First is, Trump impressionist, Alec Baldwin who has hosted the late-night variety show 16 times. And that number may well increase.

Next, is Steve Martin with 15 appearances and John Goodman at 13. Buck Henry took the stage 10 times, Tom Hanks 9, Chevy Chase 8 and Christopher Walken 7.

What makes these men so popular? Their abilities to laugh at themselves and everyone else. They’re all first-rate impressionists, actors, and personalities. Thus, they pull in the crowds.

However, some women have shown up with what it takes as well. Drew Barrymore has hosted 6 times and Candace Bergen 5. 

Drew came to SNL at the age of 7. Her Dressing Room clip depicts a little girl’s room full of stuffed animals and other creature comforts a girly-girl would love. The cast was out of sorts. No “bad stuff and violence” could hit the stage that night. 

Candice Bergen in “The Right To Extreme Stupidity League” could not contain her laughter, at herself, when calling Gilda Radner by the wrong name. The sketch goes forward and Bergen recovers to wrap it up nicely.

What happens on the stage doesn’t stay there on live TV

Hosts SNL

SNL looks for hosts that draw the audience out of their chairs. When actors and actresses can bridge the gap from the front row seats to the edge of the stage, they’ll be brought back. 

According to AV TV Club, the top three attributes of all SNL hosts are the ability to read, the ability to laugh at themselves, and personal charisma. Great acting is not required. In fact, it’s the on-the-spot bloopers that many times steal the show.

Who are your favorite most frequently appearing hosts or hostesses? And why?

I’d have to say, anyone, that bursts with a good belly laugh, at their own expense, will rank high with me. 

However, if there’s a young child on the show, I can almost hold my breath, wondering what they’ve been exposed to.

As for my own grandbabies, I’m content to let them sleep through SNL.