Why Swimming Is The Best Exercise For The Whole Family


We want to exercise but need to go easy on our joints. We’re more likely to stick with a routine if it’s fun and can sometimes include our grandkids. Thus, swimming may be the answer. 

swim exercise fun

Water provides buoyancy that takes the shock for our joints and keeps us flexible. This allows us to exercise more freely and with less stress and strain on sore or injured muscles and joints. 

Swimming also tends to grab the attention of our grandkids.

What could be better than to get a good workout while having fun and perhaps catching some vitamin D from the sunshine?

First, for the exercise. Since water provides natural resistance, we can strengthen our muscles as we swim across the pool. This can also help to reduce back pain and improve our postures.

If we’re experiencing loss of bone density, aqua aerobics can help reduce its progression. It can also strengthen the heart and reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease.

Swimming gets our blood flowing with greater oxygenation, which is great for brain function. And it also gets us out of the house into the sunshine or into the social arena, where we are further stimulated with group interaction.

The Benefits of Swimming for Fun 

swim exercise fun

With our grandkids in the pool, we may do more bobbing up and down, walking from side to side or reaching. We may also help guide our younger ones over the water or teach them to swim. Although these motions are in quick spurts, rather than swimming laps or prolonged kicking from the side.

However, our grandkids provide something extra. They give a boost of energy to play longer and harder and when in the water. But as we help them to stay afloat, we’re also teaching them trust and as grandparents, they’re reminding us that we are still strong and reliable. 

Another high-point to swimming with our grandchildren is the laughter. Which is good stuff for everyone. We may fall into bed that night but it will be a day well spent in fun and exercise.

Is swimming part of your exercise routine?