[Quiz Time] Were You Raised Like A REAL Baby Boomer?


So you were born between 1946-1964. And you eventually learned you were among the baby boomer generation. Now, let’s see how much you have in common with a true boomer.

baby boomer quiz

The suburbs were home to the majority of boomer. Our parents, who came from the city or the farm moved into the mid-zone in clapboard houses, bungalows, and small ranch-style homes. Were you raised in the burbs?

How about TV? Was its screen a central part of your family’s lives? Boomers were the first to watch live news and enjoy a wide variety of entertainment. Did your family gather around the tube and did you get up early Saturday morning to catch the cartoons?

There were so many of us boomers that our schools had to add “porta-trailer” classrooms and most of us walked to our neighborhood elementary schools. We caught the bus sometime between junior high and high school but drove our cars to school as soon as we got them. Did you get a parking lot sticker to keep your first car on campus? If so, you were among the first generation to do so.

Speaking of cars, did your parents drive a station wagon, whereas, after your first car, you chose a minivan which morphed into an SUV? And did you get a job and have your own spending money in your early teenage years? 

How about children? Did you have fewer than your parents? Young women, in the boomer generation, went to work rather than remain housewives. And many divorced. 

And finally, did you flash your credit card, to get what you were after rather than save for it like the previous generation?

The Aging Boomer and the Impact on Society

baby boomer quiz

Due to medical advances, boomers are the longest living generation thus far and we’re waiting longer to retire. However, we also suffer the largest income inequality. We work longer, live longer, have more debt and still love to spend our cash. Which is great for the economy.

How did you fare in the boomer quiz?

I was definitely raised like a boomer in most respects. However, I had a lot more children than my mother.