[Wisdom] How To Learn More From Your Grandchildren


Each new day presents opportunities to learn and grow, and when we see through the eyes of our grandkids, we can discover some amazing things. What have you learned today?

learned lately from grandkids

The good, the bad, and the hilarious– I’ve heard and seen it all from my eleven grands. The good? Generally speaking, my grandchildren keep me on my toes. They keep me updated with technology and busy with their events. They remind me that the future is bright and waiting for me to create it. At any age.

The bad? They’ve taught me that some family traditions are fading fast. Rarely do they all sit in the same room with the elders in the family and not many of them can carry on a conversation with anyone other than their peers. Since most of them are caught up in video gaming, I’ve learned that the screen gets the pleasure of their eyes more than me.

The hilarious? One of my grandsons writes comic stripes for his school newspaper. Sometimes, I don’t “get” what he’s talking about but knowing him, and deciphering the cartoon figures he has drawn, can leave me amused for hours. Another grandson loves to play “cowboys and Indians” with my curling iron. I suppose it becomes a long-barrel rifle.

Accidental Learning From Our Grands

learned lately from grandkids

If we spend even just five minutes with our grandchildren, we’ll learn a lot about them. When we watch them as a group, we learn even more. Which one of your grandkids leads the pack? Are there a few who still like to run outdoors while the rest remain inside? How do they interact with their youngest cousins?

On an academic note– I’ve learned the modern way to work long addition and multiplication. And frankly, I find it more complicated than the old-school.

Think for a moment about your grandkids. Did they teach you how to take selfies or to clear your cache? Who explained to you the importance of recycling or gave you the latest on clothing trends and lifestyles?

Our grandkids are great little teachers when we least expect it. As parents and grandparents, we’ve been told to model good habits so as to pass them on to the next generations. However, we can also attest to lessons learned from them– the good, bad, and the hilarious.

What have you learned from your grandkids?