The Little Known Creative Ways To Stay Connected With Distant Family


We’re rarely close in proximity but can stay close in mind and in the heart. Try some of these updated ideas for pulling tight the bonds of family near and far.

Family near and far

When families are scattered, social media can be our best friend. We can write a post, share a quick thought, send a private message or swap photos. We can try facebook for families or designate nights when several of us jump on to engage all at once. 

There’s Skype, Viber, Whatsapp and Talky to share video and teleconferencing and places like which offer tons of storage and greater privacy for families. 

Our cell phones give us Facetime, the ability to send short video clips and a photo sent on the spot makes for a quick hello–I love you.

Try a “family news correspondent.” Big news can be called, texted, messaged or emailed to this member of the family to disseminate it in a variety of ways. Some may wish to publish a monthly family newsletter with contact information updates and graphics. 

A budding journalist or computer enthusiast may enjoy this job and it may land him or her a place on their high school newspaper or yearbook staff.

The care package lives on

families near and far

Care packages use to be for college students and our sons and daughters in the military but think again. If your grandchild’s birthday is coming soon, and you’re too far away for a hug, send something unexpected. How about, a piece of your own history with a letter to explain its origin.

When you send a package of any kind to your grandkids, include a snapshot of yourself. If you can spare one of the two of you, include that.

Finally, we should squeeze all the goodness from family reunions, weddings, and funerals. Take lots of pictures, record videos, and swap small meaningful gifts of love.

One way to stay connected to our grandchildren is to repeat the same well-loved gift at Christmas or on their birthdays. Grandma Smith always gives me a $20 bill wrapped around a candy bar or a gift card and letter.

Family near and far can present a challenge but staying close has never been easier.