Suffering From Dry And Itchy Cold Weather Skin?


Baby, it’s cold outside–not to mention dry, windy and frozen. But that’s where the grandkids want to be. So, do you slather the moisturizer on your dry, itchy skin or do something else?  health news dry skin

First, look at the inside. Are you drinking an adequate amount of water? According to our need for fluids changes as we grow older. Our sense of thirst diminshes and our bodies may lose the ability to conserve water. If we’re dry on the inside, and the weather is dry on the out, our skin will suffer the effects.

We’ve all heard the rule–drink 8 glasses of water each day. But some disagree. The need for fluids, comprised of water, juices, coffee, etc. is highly individualized. Check with your doctor to get a personal recommendation.

However, one thing’s for sure. We hydrate from the inside out. 

Next, skip the hot shower and spend just ten minutes in the bathtub. Water that is just warm enough is easier on all ages and skin types.

When you get out of the shower or tub, immediately moisturize your skin with a thick, creamy lotion.

Calling on reinforcements for extra dry skin

health news dry skin

Use olive or coconut oil to moisturize. Warm the oil in your palms then rub gently into your face in a circular motion.

You can make your own masks of oatmeal or pureed avocado mixed with honey. Honey is good for severely dry skin and will soothe irritation.

Mix oatmeal or avocado with honey and gently rub into skin. Let the mixture condition your face for up to 15 minutes. Then rinse off. 

Lastly, don’t forget about those hard-working hands. Hands that wash before cooking, after changing the grandbaby, cleaning house and handling our pets, are at risk of drying and cracking.

Try rubbing a generous amount of pure aloe into your hands. Coconut oil will work too. If your skin needs extra time to soak in the richness of these natural healers, slather them up before bedtime and wear gloves to sleep.

While you’re at it, rub a bit of moisturizer into those little hands and cheeks. They want to build a snowman and you want to make sure their skin stays healthy.