Curious To Learn More Of Your Family Tree?


Don’t you love it when a new grandbaby arrives! It doesn’t matter how many you have–they’re all loved to bits as they take their place on the family tree. Then what?

Growing on family tree

Each of my adult daughters has found some way to surprise me with their pregnancies. Then when they find out the baby’s gender, they do something to set me up for the grand announcement. 

I’m not talking about today’s over-done, gender-reveal parties but quiet and very personal ways of giving over the news.

Meanwhile, I’m poking around the family tree to see what we were; as my kids decide what we will become.

And much like those quiet disclosures of “boy” or “girl” are the fanciful tidbits I gather throughout the generations of relatives, near and far.

hen I discover new regions, quirks, and popularities hidden within our history, I sometimes wonder what would be said of my generation and the next.

The legacy we leave on the family tree 

Growing on family tree

Have you ever researched your family tree? If not, there are many online resources to walk you through the initial investigation. 

If you’d like to start with a DNA test, you can find one in the $100-$200 range and work up from there.

Knowing where we came from can explain more than just blond hair and blue eyes, a larger nose or smaller build. It can give us a clue about the family character. 

If we’re related to a famous person, we may feel inspired. If we discover a familial ailment, we may get a head start in warding it off.

What legacy would you like to leave or strengthen? What will your relatives discover in years to come?

I desire that everyone in my family would love God and pursue a life of faith. 

Other than that, I desire for each of my children and grandchildren to be well educated and to use their knowledge for the good of others.

We may have no control over the timing of new sprouts on our family trees but the marks they leave may be within our influence. 

What’s growing on your family tree?