7 Creative Ideas To Include Your Grandchildren On Your Big Wedding Day


Your wedding day is nearing and you want everyone involved– especially the grandkids. There’s your and his and it’s crucial that each one gets their share of the limelight. How do you make that happen?

senior wedding with grandkids

When our combined grandkids make quite a flock, we need to get creative. It’s possible to include them all, which helps your approval ratings but also leaves you with a feeling of completeness at the end of the day. 

First, gather all their names and ages then browse through the following suggestions with your fiancé and adult children. There’s bound to be something for everyone.

  • Consider having your collective grandkids in the bridal party. It makes for a lovely family photo and you may not get them all dressed up and in one spot very often. 
  • Have the children under seven years of age accompany you down the aisle to include the little ones carried in the arms of your bride’s maids.
  • If one or two of your grandkids are budding soloists, have them contribute a selected piece to your ceremony or gather a few for a trio.
  • For those over age seven, assign specific duties that will showcase their positions in the blending family. Some can help hand out programs and bubbles before the ceremony or offer mints carried in baskets at the reception. Older ones can greet guests and direct to the guestbook or where to place gifts and cards while others can usher.
  • While in the receiving line, stand flanked with your grands and introduce each one.
  • At the reception, dedicate a song to your grandchildren and have them all come up to dance. Make it a fun one so there can be jumping, wiggling, and clapping and don’t forget to allow your older brands to bring a date.
  • Have your adult children, their spouses, and all your grandkids follow directly after you in the food line and give them tables of honor.

Then Relax and Enjoy

senior wedding with grandkids

Grandpa can spin the granddaughters and grandma embrace each of her grandsons for happy times on the dance floor. And the two of you can serve your grands cake then sit with them to eat it.

As the night wears on and your little ones need to depart, make sure to see them to the door and when your older ones call it a night, be certain to tell them how much their presence meant to you.

Do your best to acknowledge each of your grandkids in a way that welcomes them into your marriage. It makes for a big job on your wedding day but it will pay off in days to come. Later, make sure each of them receives a group picture, accompanied by names and ages, and any special shots with grandma and grandpa.

The wedding was lovely– now enjoy life together.