How To Become The Great Teacher Your Grandchildren Deserve


My grandmother taught me how to make a grocery list and style her wigs. I’ve taught my grands to read and write. You’re probably teaching your grandkids something right now. 

What have you taught your grandkids

When I was young, I’d frequently spend the weekends with my grandmother. She was a banana eater. I hated them but she insisted I get the extra potassium.

So we made a compromise. She made pudding topped off with real banana slices and vanilla wafers and I’d eat it. 

She also taught me to make her grocery lists. And on it, after coffee, bread, milk and soda pop was… bananas. Every time. 

Grandma drove me bananas with her bananas but to this day, I cannot eat one without fond memories and thankfulness.

I’ve enjoyed teaching my grandchildren to improve their reading and printing skills. When I homeschooled their mothers, I was a stickler for the English language. When I see the bumper sticker, “If you can read-thank a teacher.” I pat myself on the back.

Because I’ve taught two generations to read and write. 

What have your grandparents taught you? Is there something in your life that speaks kindly of their memory?

A friend of mine had grandparents that taught her to milk goats and make cheese. She’s a city girl now, but milk and cheese always remind her of those beautiful days on the family farm.

Teaching our grandkids can take many forms

What have you taught your grandkids


Grandparents may have a particular skill they would like to teach. It could be a common life skill such as tying shoes or making a bed. But it could be something very personal.

When my grandmother taught me to style her wigs, never did I think they would be in my future. I’d brush the heck out of each one then parade them around the house.

Many years later, I’d help my daughter gather up wigs to style for women who wore them every day.

Another thing I’ve instilled in my grands is to gather as a family for important discussions. When I ask everyone to come to the living room, one of my grandkids will say, “Grandma is this a family meeting?”

We’ve had many family meetings. Some full of sorrow and others to make big plans. That’s when every voice is heard. Then we go forward with a bit of each person in the overall picture.

What have you taught your grandkids? One thing’s for sure–you’ve taught them how much you love them.