Grandparents Teach Their Grandkids Old Technology[ Technically Speaking]


Grandparents Teach Their Grandkids. With all of the advancements in modern technology, our generation considers itself majorly tech savvy but our Grandparents have their own. I mean we have dronings, people. For FUN.

But what happens when we’re faced with more than mindlessly pressing our thumbs to a tablet’s screen?

Let’s be honest. You might be able to pull up iTunes, but do you know how to put on a record? Set a real alarm clock? Play a boombox?

We decided to kick it old school and bring in a few OG’s( Old Grandparents) to set us to the test. Would we be failures if we were born in any other era? Are we the ultimate hypocrites when we make fun of our parents’ absence of game? Let’s find out.

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