Grandkids On The Internet: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly


At 3 years old, most kids have been introduced to the internet. At age 10, they get smartphones and access to social media. From 7 to 18 years, 70% have encountered pornography while doing online homework. Is your head spinning yet?

grandkids on internet good bad ugly

What’s good about the internet for our youngest grands?

  • It’s a place where young children can learn about shapes, colors, and ABC’s.
  • They can enjoy songs, poetry, and interactive art.
  • Their favorite children’s programs have websites for learning and fun.
  • They can enjoy pictures of friends and family– with mom and dad– on their parent’s social media sights.
  • They’re learning valuable computer skills for their technology-based futures.

However, never should a child be left alone on any site. A responsible adult must be within “eyeshot.” And the younger they are when the rules are established, the better.  

You may have little say in these things outside of your own home but when your little grands ask for your phone, you’re in charge.

What’s bad about the internet as our grandkids grow?

  • They may spend too much time on websites of little actual value.
  • There is exposure to sex, violence, and vulgarity.
  • The internet may become their home. Thus, removing them from real-life interactions.
  • They may think, speak, and act “internet-style.”
  • They may introduce younger siblings to all the above.

As grandparents, we can talk with our older grandsons and daughters about safety measures while online and ask to join them on a few of their favorite sights just to see what they’re “into.”

And we can encourage our children to set parental controls on all internet usage and to monitor frequently.

What’s the ugly of the internet?

  • Cyberbullying.
  • Pornography.
  • Graffic and violent videos.
  • Internet addition that draws away from reality.

The Absolutely Great About the Internet

grandkids on internet good bad ugly

Our grandchildren can become overly busy and overwhelmed. If they have quality sites to visit and wholesome friends to connect with, it can provide a positive distraction. And it also can help them build healthy relationships.

My grandkids love to look at pictures of their cousins and aunts and uncles on social media. And since we’re a large family with distant borders between, the web is a family friend. 

In addition, our grandkids must face a world of technology like never before. If they get a jump start, chances are they’ll go further in a career later in life. 

The internet isn’t all great, for sure. But it’s like anything else– all things in moderation and a moderator can make the difference.