When Your Grandchild’s Parents Are Alcoholics – What Can You Do?


There are various reasons why many people love to drink alcoholic liquors. Celebrating special occasions like birthdays make us open a bottle or two. However, some people take drinking alcohol to a whole different level. As if they are treating it as their daily dose of vitamins, which is never a right thing to do. This is where the concern sets in, especially when adult drinkers have children at home that look up to every single thing they do. When cases like these happen, you are not expected to just sit back and relax while your grandchildren witness their parents continue being alcoholic. You have to act and make sure they do not get influenced by what they see. And so, I have prepared below some of the ways of what you can do as a grandparent when your grandchild’s parents are alcoholic.

Alcoholic parents should be corrected
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Orient to Reality

It is true that a child’s perception of things can easily be changed by what his senses receive. It is important that even at an early age, you get to tell them that being an adult still make mistakes. Children would then be aware that not all that they see the grown-ups do is righteous. Help your grandchild recognize what is right from what is wrong. But do not fail to remind them to remain respectful to their parents or to others no matter how incorrect their actions get.

Educate Further

Teach your grandchild about alcohol and its effect on the brain and body. Some grandparents would resent opening up the topic to their grandkids because they believe they are still too young to know about it. But keep in mind that nowadays, children may already be aware of it due to commercials and his surroundings. Keeping your grandchild from learning about alcohol will only increase his curiosity and push him later to try it. Keep your grandchild informed about its pros and cons.

Give Advice

Just because parents are grown-ups doesn’t mean they don’t need a few pieces of advice. There are parents who despise receiving suggestions from grandparents and there are also those who welcome it. If you think that your grandchild’s parents made wrong decisions such as setting a bad example by being an alcoholic, tell them. Sincerely confront them. Maybe all they need is a gentle reminder from their own parents or someone older than them. Of course, it will have to be a two-sided conversation where the exchange of thoughts constantly happens. Hear their reasons. So you may know which part of their story you can give much of your help and support.

Once again, grandchildren see their elders are role models but it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to follow their parents’ steps right away. Sometimes, it can also be you that they want to be when they grow up. And so, be a good model – the one that takes responsibility for his faults, the one that shows overcoming problems is never easy but happily finds solutions anyway, and the one that is faithful with the Almighty and doesn’t just succumb into vices when stressful situations arise. Become your grandchild’s hero, become his inspiration.