How To Deal With Uncertainty When Your Grandchild Is In The Hospital


Many of us met our grandchildren in the hospital. We walked in, scooped them up, and felt the joy of becoming a grandparent. However, it’s another story when our grands are admitted for illness or injury.

grandchild in hospital

One of my grandbabies came too soon. As I held her in the NICU, all hooked up and fragile, many thoughts coursed my mind. And I began to pray for the details of her health, safety, and development. 

My daughter and son-in-law did wonderfully. They had questions and moment’s of fear, as they stepped up to the demands of a preemie in the hospital and two preschoolers at home but it all worked– eventually.

Several years later, her older sister underwent open-heart surgery and it worked again. But it took all of us.

So, why do we dread the hospital? Because it speaks of uncertainty. And as grandparents, we can help to dispell some of it.

First, we should remain cheerful. This not only helps our children but our grandkids as well. Showing up with a new toy or allowed treat can work wonders. 

Second, we can provide another set of eyes and ears when the doctors make their rounds– evaluating and giving instructions. If we are able, we can learn the techniques to assist with our grandchild’s care.

Third, we can be the snack and meal runner. Trips to the vending machine and cafeteria may take our children away from our grandchild’s bedside at crucial times. We can help prevent that.

Lastly, we can sooth with the touch of a hand and an assuring voice. 

All’s Well With Grandma or Grandpa Near

grandchild in hospital

My oldest daughter was admitted to the hospital at one year old. My mother and mother-in-law were present. One of them sang to her, which helped the IV go in easier, and the other rocked her for hours on end.

I was nearly ready to deliver my second child. Thus, I was ever so thankful for the moms in my life. They were calm as I sat worried and exhausted.

Have you been the beside grandparent for one of your grandkids? What was your special touch?