[Quiz Time] Giving Your Grandchildren Too Many Gifts?


We all love to give gifts to our grandkids but should we set a limit? Let’s find out if we’re overdoing it and how to stop. 

giving grandchildren too many gifts

The following questions are highly individualized per grandchild and per family. As you think them through, be objective and try to see things as they really are. Then finish with a few ideas to make positive changes.

  • Does your grandchild get showered with gifts several times each year by friends and family?
  • Is his or her room overflowing with toys, books, clothing, and shoes?
  • Does your son or daughter’s living room look like an overcrowded playroom?
  • Do you get a “Thank you” when giving a gift?
  • Does your son or daughter frequently return or exchange duplicate or unwanted gifts to the store?
  • Do you feel obligated to buy in order to please or keep up with other family members?
  • How much impulse buying do you for your grandchild?
  • Do you buy gifts on credit?
  • How often do you come up short of your budget after a gift-giving event?
  • Do you have a savings plan to protect yourself in the future?

When the Gift-Giving Never Stops

giving grandchildren too many gifts

  • Do you continue to give an abundance of gifts to your older grandchild?
  • Is their room packed tight with things they’re too polite to refuse?
  • Will they end up donating, selling or giving away many of the items you gave them?
  • Are you breaking the bank with their more expensive “toys?”
  • Does your older grandchild display habits of greed or laziness?

If you’re like me, then you must reevaluate these questions periodically. I find if I start a pattern of giving, it’s very difficult to break. 

Since I have many grandchildren, to spoil them would mean personal bankruptcy. Therefore, my solution is to separate the meaningful from the common. I do not buy common gifts that anyone else could give. I carefully consider my relationship with each one and buy unique and expressive items that are one of a kind.

Not only does this “up” the element of surprise but adds to treasures that are connected to me.

Did you discover anything new while considering the above questions? What might you change?