Four Creative Ideas For A Ladies Only Game Night


Move over cards games and Cribbage. It’s time to upgrade with these funtastic new games for the gals. 

Girl's night out - games

How often do you enjoy a girl’s night out? If your answer is seldom, think again. The Mayo Clinic says friendship, social activities, and laughter all have their place in keeping us happier and healthier.

However, if you’re bored with the same old games and gatherings, don’t lose heart. Round up your girlfriends and put these ideas to the test. 

  • Cut random pictures from magazines and put them into a large envelope. When all your guests have arrived, pass the envelope around and have each one pull out a picture–without looking. Give a few minutes for each one to study their picture then take turns saying what comes to mind.
  • Play “Penny Pinchers.” Put 50 pennies in the middle of the table. Start the game by calling out one way you think you and your friends could save money for a group trip to Hawaii. Have each guest take a turn. Go around the table until all the pennies are gone. Then put them into a penny bank. 
  • Have each friend bring a picture of their grandchildren along with a brief, written tidbit about each one. A couple sentences for each grandchild will be enough. Put all the pictures in the middle of the table and read your friend’s descriptions of her grandkids. See if you can match grandma and grands.

What’s in the bag?

girl's night out - games

  • How well do you know your friends? Give each one a bright colored bag and three strips of paper. Have them write down a favorite item to purchase at the mall on each strip and put them into their bags. Take turns trying to guess what each one would buy. The shopper can give hints. Move to the next person when guests have named the shoppers three items.

Some of the best games have nothing to do with strategy and everything to do with conversation, laughter and memory making. 

Finally, if you have a playful group of friends, come together often. Include the grandkids once in a while and ask them to build the laughter by describing their grandmothers or what they would buy at the mall.