Prayer Guide For A Safe And Memorable Vacation With Your Grandkids


Are you one of those people that plans every detail of your travel itinerary? Why not pencil in some prayers, not only for safety but for the time of your life.

travel? pack prayers

Most of us pray for safety as we drive away from home. We want our vehicle to perform well and to be free from accidents. If flying, we want the plane to function properly. We want the pilot to be on his toes and for all passengers to be non-threatening and calm. 

In addition, we want to be free from chaos and harm when we reach our destination. We want the weather to be pleasant, the bugs to be few, and every ride at the amusement park to be in tip-top shape.

We want to be treated fairly and for our money to stretch. After all, we have lots of grandkids waiting back home for t-shirts and stuffed animals. And we want extra-special dining experiences. 

With all these thoughts and wishes for everything to go right, we may miss an important element of prayer. A good time.

Do we ask for memories to be made that we could never imagine and new people to meet for mutual enrichment? How about keen awareness of the beauty of creation or eyes to see things that many overlook? 

Traveling With the Grandkids Adds Another Dimension to Prayer

travel? pack prayers

After our prayers for safety, a great time and good people all around, we have the needs of our grandchild. It’s not often that he or she will be with us for these precious times away. In fact, it may be a once in a lifetime event.

How do we direct our prayers? We ask God to keep us sharp to discern what our grandchild needs and that goes beyond food, clothes, and entertainment. 

When we’re out and about from the normal ruckus of life, we can get to know each other on a more intimate level. We want eyes to see our grandchild in a new surrounding and away from the influence of others.

When I travel with my grands, I ask God to help me say and do things that will be imprinted on their lives. And to deepen bonds that will provide a continual open door for conversation.  

When you travel, ask for eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to let go of the common. To enjoy the priceless.