Gay Marriage: An Issue of Democrat vs. Republican?


Most of us were born baby boomers. Gay marriage was something we didn’t deal with growing up. Does this issue rest on the Democrat vs. Republican party? And does one side hate while the other loves?

gay marriage a dem vs rep issue?

The Republican party generally upholds traditional marriage. One woman and one man. This is the way our country viewed marriage from its inception and many hope to keep it that way. 

Many Republicans see a two-men marriage or two-women marriage as a confusing and unhealthy place to nurture children. 

Democrats generally approve of same-sex marriage and believe all couples should have equal access to healthcare and the like.

My-nine-year-old grandson came in the other day and asked if our family was Republican or Democrat. I was surprised at his question but as his story unfolded, it was clear that he was troubled.

He had heard two classmates arguing about gay rights and marriage. The youngsters carried a lot of misinformation, so I brought clarification to the issue from our family’s point of view.

He seemed satisfied and went downstairs to play video games. However, I was more confused than ever. The rumor around school was that all Republicans hate gays and Democrats love them. 

Love and hate are strong words

gay marriage a dem vs rep issue?

As baby-boomer grandparents, many of us are also Christians. Although some of us stand staunchly behind our chosen party, others base our viewpoints on the Bible.

Gay marriage is not upheld in scripture but love for our fellow man, even our enemies certainly is. When discussing the love vs. hate rumors my grandson had encountered, I took a biblical approach. Not one of either party.

Have your grandkids heard the rumors?

And are you ready to discuss these tough subjects as they come your way?

The world is changing. Our grandkids will come to face a new norm with which we have little experience. Patient listening and simplistic explanations can give them answers that will set their minds at ease.

Is this about Democrat vs. Republican? We can help our grandchildren learn to process the issues according to scripture with an emphasis on love, not approval.