How To Organize A Game Night Designed For Family Bonding


We love spending time with our grandkids. We also enjoy our groups, clubs and senior’s events. Here are some fun ways to combine the two with a game night for grandparents and their grandchildren. 

Game night at club with grandkids

If you’re part of the event planning committee, of your favorite group, discuss the possibility of hosting a game night to share with the grands. Or if your club has a suggestion box, you can drop your idea there and follow up with a phone call.

A good place to start planning is to estimate how many grandkids would accompany their grandparents and their ages. Plan games, both board and action, based on the information you gather.

A fun way to keep the night moving is to designate specific tables for specific games. Candy Land will be at table one. Chutes and Ladders at table two. Chess at tables three and four. Go from there deciding how many tables are needed for board games then move onto action games.

Action or floor games will take more space. You can toss bean bags into buckets, set up a plastic, bowling ball set or introduce the old favorite–Twister.

Circle games include duck-duck-goose, rhythm games and musical chairs.

Time each game for fifteen or twenty minutes then have participants move to the next table or game area. Little ones can break sooner and chess players continue on. 

Have you met my grandkids?

Game night at club with grandkidsOne of the joys of such an evening is meeting all the grands, so take turns introducing each one. They can share something they like to do, their favorite subject at school or what they’d like to do when they get older.

This sharing time can bring lots of laughter and inspiration. And don’t forget the refreshments. 

Serve finger foods and beverages and if you’ve got the time and willing clean-up crew, let the grandkids decorate pre-baked cupcakes.

Encourage everyone to take pictures to post on your club’s website or facebook page. 

Last of all, as each group heads out the door, hand out small, inexpensive party favors because this is one night you’ll want to remember and repeat.