How The Republican First Lady Can Help Our Grandchildren


Laura Bush, the wife of former president George W. Bush, still holds the record for the highest approval ratings for an American president’s wife– since 1969. What’s makes Republican Laura Bush so special and what can we learn from her?

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Laura Welch Bush didn’t go into retirement once her husband left the White House. She’s a spokesperson for global healthcare, human rights, and women’s rights in particular. She’s also the chair of the Bush Insititute’s Women’s Initiative. There she spearheads programs to improve women’s economic opportunities and personal freedoms.

Laura’s a leading advocate for the welfare and advancement of women in Egypt, Afghanistan, and Africa. And she hosted a discussion at the United Nations headquarters, in behalf of the Burmese people, after Cyclone Nargis destroyed their country.

Our former first-lady has launched numerous campaigns to increase awareness of heart disease and breast cancer. And serves on the Advisory Board of the Salvation Army.

While in the White House, she spoke out about literacy and its overall effect on our families and communities. This is no surprise since she formerly taught school and was once a public school librarian. 

Therefore, when we look at Laura, we see the fruits of a well-educated woman who cares.

How Can We Encourage Our Granddaughters to Aim High and Achieve Their Goals?

favorite republican lady

Women like Laura Bush have dedicated their lives to solid careers and the furtherance of other women. We can encourage our daughters and granddaughters to follow her example. Hard work, obtaining ongoing education and speaking out for others are definitely virtues worth emulating.

Lastly, some believe Mrs. Bush should run for the Republican Senate. However, others prefer she continues on with her important global work for the oppressed.

How is it that she holds onto her record-high approval rating? Perhaps it’s for how she conducts her personal life, has raised her children and reaches out to others. 

A first lady who keeps an exemplary record in the past and present will always be admired.

Share her with your grandkids. Who knows, maybe some the books in their school libraries got there through her hands.