Increase Your Grandparenting Influence By Extending Your Family


What’s your definition of family? Most of us would immediately think of our parents, siblings, children, grandchildren, etc. But for grandmas and grandpas, it can mean extending our reach even further.

Extending family through grandparenting

When I was growing up, there were two widows on our block. They didn’t seem that old to me but we all called them “grandma.” At church, my favorite Sunday School teacher moved up the grades teaching, as I did learning. She became “grandma” to my children.

Now, that I have eleven grandchildren of my own, I understand the unique opportunity to reach out to other kids as only a grandma can. At times, I feel too young to grandmother dozens of children but if I stop to think about it, those “grandmas” in my neighborhood weren’t much older than I am now.

It all came naturally. I began hosting several of my grandchildren’s birthday parties in my home. I was surprised when my grands introduced me as “grandma,” not Mrs. Taylor-Hayes. Soon thereafter, some of their friends stopped in when my grandchildren were not visiting. I was adding on a bigger family.

Expanding our reach expands our influence

Extending family through grandparenting

Have you ever known a “grandma” or “grandpa” that welcomed into their family? Would you like to be that person for dozens of children or a few extras? 

I’ve found that embracing the friends of my grandchildren has provided many benefits. For one, I get a birdseye view of the kinds of friends my grandkids have and how they interact.   

Secondly, I’ve met many of their friend’s parents as they drop them off at my place for parties or a mid-way point to work on school projects. 

If your grandkids are local, open your home to them and their friends. Have a few snacks on hand and welcome them to the table. We’d all like to deepen our influence in the lives of our grandchildren but what if we could also touch the lives of other youngsters or youth?

Never underestimate the power of grandparenting. You may be the grandma or grandpa these kids remember as the one who helped shape their lives or brought a smile to their faces. Why not extend your reach?