Exercising With Your Grandkids Comes Easy When You Get Active With Music


Grab the grandkids! It’s time to get in the groove with some new moves. Exercising to music is healthy, entertaining and fun.

Exercising to music

Our grandchildren are experts in motion. Once they start rolling over, their little bodies are on the move. And nothing but a nap can stop them. 

If you’ve ever sat in the recliner wondering how they keep it up, get up and join them. However, first stop to flip on the radio. Find a favorite song and the stage is set.

Exercising to music needn’t be loud, fast and technical. It’s the moves that matter and that can be done at any speed. In fact, it’s best to keep it slow at first. Stretch out to some instrumental or the sounds of ocean waves. See if you can catch the rhythm.

After some slow go, find a more enlivening tune. You and your grandkids can enjoy marching, hopping, walking in circles or flying like airplanes with arms spread to the side. 

The average length of a song on the radio is three minutes and 30 seconds. If you stretch to one, and circle or fly to two, that’s over ten minutes.

Experts say it takes 150 minutes per week or just 20 minutes per day, to improve health through exercise. Ten more minutes to go.

Next, try a faster song. If you can manage two in a row, all that’s left is another slow stretch for cooling down and you’re done. 

Did you take ballet, tap or jazz in your younger years? Now’s the time to show your grands what you’ve got. If they take dance lessons, let them teach you a few moves. The motion will reduce the level of stress hormones and the laughter will increase the feel-good stuff.

Turning up the groove

exercising to music

If you’re up for it, give the grandkids some exercise memories they’ll never forget. Pull the mattress off the hide-a-bed and get jumping. Hearts will be pumping, lungs breathing deep and happy squeals filling the memory banks.

However, remember to check with your doctor before starting any exercise plan. When you get the okay, call your grandkids. They’ll love helping grandma and grandpa get in the groove.