Why Every Grandfather Should Introduce Fishing to Kids

A young girl is fishing with her grandpa on a warm summer day.

To every grandfather out there, I know that most of you are pretty much into fishing. Who can deny the sweet relaxation and peace you get out if it? No one can, especially if they’d tried it! So, why not share your skills for a change.

Grandfather teaching fishing
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Most kids these days are so hooked up with technology. They’re missing a lot of great things nature has to offer. If no one introduces it to them, they’ll never that a simple pole, line, and a hook can bring so much joy.

Other than having fun, there are plenty of benefits fishing can be taught to your grandkids. As a grandfather, you’re not only going to have a good time with them; you’re also giving them some valuable lessons for life.


As they say, “patience is a virtue.” When fishing, you have to be extremely patient, careful, and aware of your surroundings. You can’t go off on tirades of complaining, or you’ll scare the fish from your noise and unnecessary movement. As a grandfather, you can demonstrate how waiting patiently can have some great rewards. Also, show them that it doesn’t apply to fishing alone; it also applies to almost any situation. It gives them a better perspective about waiting.


Every grandfather knows this one fact about fishing; it requires preparation. You need to rig and prepare everything up before going to your favorite fishing spot. Set the right pole, set the right hook, and use the proper line. And most of all, you have to select the appropriate bait. Well, this is just the basics. But you have to prepare nonetheless, or you’ll have a difficult time catching fish. You can let your grandkids see that the more you’re well-equipped, the more fish you’ll catch. Just like in any aspect of life, the more you prepared, the better the outcome. You know what they say, “luck favors the prepared.”


Perhaps, the best part about fishing is that there will be times where you’ll catch nothing. I’m pretty sure every grandfather out there has experienced this kind of situation once in their life. No matter what lure you’ll use and no matter what technique you’ll try, there are “bad days” where the fish will never bite. The same goes for life; some problems we encounter have no solution and all we can do is accept what is. You can easily and honestly explain to your grandkids that sometimes, the fish will never take a bite even if you did everything right. You just have to accept that today isn’t a good day for fishing.

A grandfather introduces fishing to teach its powerful lessons

Fishing is a laidback activity. It is fulfilling, relaxing, and it alleviates stress – much more when your grandkids are there with you. And most of all, it gives valuable lessons that they can use in life. This makes it a great activity for every grandfather and grandchild around the world. So, what are you waiting for, schedule a fishing trip with your grandkids the moment you finish reading!



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