8 Simple Tips To Avoid Money Scams Wherever You Go


From morning until night, there are those who would like to steal your hard-earned cash. Ready to stop the money scams? It’s easier than you think. 8 tips to avoid financial predators

How many times have you sat enjoying your morning cup of coffee when you get a phone call from someone wanting money? Or they may claim to be representing a collection agency, credit card company, or even the IRS.

Sometimes these are automated calls. Therefore, There’s no real conversation happening. However, the electronic voice will ask for information that may initiate a live call in the future. But some automated calls are gathering information to scam you. 

I’m a straightforward person and have no difficulty handling unwanted callers but not everyone is like me. So, I advise one or a combination of the following to end the call in a way that’s comfortable for you:

  • Tell the caller you never give personal information over the phone and excuse yourself from the conversation.
  • Explain that one of your children handles your business and charitable giving decisions and get off the phone.
  • Thank them for their call, tell them you’re not interested and wish them a good day.

The best way to stop a solicitor or scammer is to simply hang up. As soon as possible. The minute you feel guilty for not cooperating may be the minute you get scammed. And remember the IRS will never contact you by phone and your credit card company would send multiple notices by mail prior to a phone call.

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