The Magic Of Drew Barrymore On Saturday Night Live


In the top ten hosts of SNL is a woman who appeared for the first time at the age of seven. She stole the hearts of the audience and hosted five more times. What was so magical about the performances of Drew Barrymore?

Drew Barrymore SNL

It all began with the missed monologue. Young Drew dreaded the opening speech, so she was asked pre-selected questions from the audience.

Did she like video games? Yes, and loved to play in arcades.

And who did she want to marry? Steven Spielberg.

In her opening sketch, “Drew’s Dressing Room” a sullen cast awaited the arrival of their young host. They agreed that SNL Producer Dick Ebersol was making a huge mistake.The room was full of stuffed animals and everything girly.

And they’ve been informed that nothing bad or violent can occur on the show that evening.

In came Barrymore showing some little-girl shyness at the wild applause. She agreed with the cast. It was ridiculous to have her appear on SNL and she apologized for the change-up in the evening’s show.

In her next sketch, “Dress Up,” Drew applied lipstick to the mouth of Tim Kazurinsky because she wanted him to look like ET. However, when she wouldn’t take a nap, they got into a wire hanger fight which parodied “Mommy Dearest.”

In “The Whiners are Adopting,” Barrymore portrayed a bratty orphan. Because she’s full of complaints, she’s the perfect match for the Whiner family.

At the end of the show, little Drew said she had a lovely time and closed the episode. 

In 2009, in her last appearance as host, she gave the monologue “Drew Barrymore: On Her Famous Family,” which recounted the history of the Barrymore Dynasty.

What is it we love about child actors and actresses?

 Drew Barrymore SNL

First off, we love their innocence.

Second, we love the humor. When they’re scripted into a role that’s above their understanding, the acting plus what’s unbeknownst to them doubles the laughter.

Have your grandkids ever performed in a school or church play? What was your favorite part?

Often, it’s their missed lines, panicked facial expressions, and timely ad-libs that keep us in stitches. 

What’s your opinion of children on the stage? Would you want your grandchild to host SNL?