Why Grandparents Should NEVER Skip The Family Table


How often do you gather your children and grandchildren for a shared meal? It’s not an easy task but the family table awaits and so do lessons, laughs, and memories.

Family weekly meal

When I was young, our mother called me and my siblings to the table and our dad told us jokes and kicked off the games.

We played the food game– someone thought of an food, hopefully, an exotic one, and gave the first letter of its spelling. The rest would guess until the food was named or we gave up. Whoever got it right took a turn. If we all gave up the first person got another turn. We also played the animal game, which followed the same rules. 

I introduced my children and grandchildren to these same games and so the tradition continues. And when my grandkids bring friends to the table, they excitedly joining in. 

The family table is a place to learn, grow, laugh, and become closer. How do we make it a gathering place where everyone delights to be?

The Table Awaits

family weekly meal

As grandparents, I believe we should serve meals we know are a hit. We want our table to be a place our grands run to and linger around.

I ask each grandchild about their day, their friends, their pets, etc. It’s all about them. If something they say reminds me of an event in my life at their age, I let them in on it. With humor.

Rarely do we engage in conversations that are serious to the point of sorrow. 

If I see the wiggles are getting the best of them, and I’m not ready to let them go, I gather the plates and pass out the paper, pencils, and crayons. This also allows more sharing time with me and my children. 

Often times, I take a group picture to add to a keepsake album. It’s amazing to look back at the faces around the same old table. Such special photo shoots jog memories which spark future discussions.

Share about what happens around your family table? What traditions have you carried over from childhood that you now enjoy with your grandkids? 

With our busy lifestyles, it’s sometimes hard to come to the table but when we do both hearts and tummies are fed.