How Can A Divorce Affect Your Social Security Benefits?


You never dreamed that you would get divorced later in life. But now that it’s inevitable, you need to know how things work with your social security benefits.

divorce effect social security

Divorce at an older age can carry with it much more uncertainty than when we were younger. We must consider healthcare costs, greater division of assets, and how to meet the monthly budget on a fixed income.

Were you married over ten years? If so, you’ll be able to receive benefits from your former spouse’s record– even if he or she has remarried– but you did not.

And if your ex-spouse is 62 or older, you can claim from their record when yours is smaller. 

Furthermore, you can collect benefits from your ex-spouses record even if he or she has not yet filed for themselves. However, if you remarry you will lose that benefit. 

New averages say it’s estimated that 10 out of 1,000 marriages, of those over 50 years of age, end in divorce. And for those over 65, it’s 6 in 1,000. Because most remarry, there are a lot of technicalities when it comes to SS benefits. 

Be sure to check with the SS Administration to know where you stand when it comes to ex-spousal benefits.

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