Why The Trend Of Dating For Companionship And Mutual Support Is Growing


The older we become, the more we value companionship. Sometimes we get that from friends and family but at others, we want that one special person–sort of. Dating for fun and companionship may be the answer.

dating for fun and companionship

I recall when dating was all about finding a mate. But dating ended at the altar. Life was all about raising a family and pursuing the American dream; with or without companionship in the home.

Years later, a new trend emerged and we were encouraged to date our mates. And longtime couples began planning dinners out on a weekly or monthly basis.

When I was young, a man who attended our church had a lady friend.They helped each other with various tasks and occasionally went to dinner. He drove her to doctors appointments and she baked him bread and cookies. I found them confusing, but later it all made sense.

They were “dating” for companionship and mutual support.

A lasting friendship without the rings

dating for fun and companionship

What are some of the reasons two, older people may wish to share portions of their lives without sharing it all?

They may have had heartbreaking experiences and don’t wish to chance a repeat. But there are positive reasons as well.

As older adults, we may like our space. We may not wish to share our closets and bathrooms. Or we may like to read late or get up early to hit the gym. 

We may like our quiet time and enjoy solo activities like painting, journaling or tending a garden for hours on end.

Adding another person, fulltime, can bring disappointment or conflict.

It may be that we don’t want interference with our family dynamics. We may attend football games with our teen grands and allow the little ones to pile up in our beds for p.j. parties. We don’t want to lose that freedom.

However, we still value our companionship. When we’re with that special someone, they have our full attention and when we’re apart we think of things we’d like to do together.

If we “date” for fun and companionship, there’s room for everyone to pursue a life in their own way. Sometimes together and sometimes apart.