How To Turn Positive Wishes Into A Prayer Journal For Grandchildren


Do you pray for your grandchildren every day? You probably have wishes for them each day. Why not turn them into prayers?prayers for our grandchildren

Have you ever found yourself sitting in the stillness of the morning with your thoughts focused on your grandkids? One by one each of their faces come to mind and you wish so many things. You want this one to do better at school, another one to get well, the third one to find a good friend- our thoughts are many.

However, how often do those devoted thoughts become prayers?

Some believe the things we dwell on are actually silent requests to God. Others say we must speak out our prayers. And finally, some record them in a journal to make them “stick.”

Often times, I combine all three. When I’ve been mulling over an issue or desire for one of my grandkids, I usually find myself starting to pray. It could be in the car, in my backyard swing, or even in the grocery store when I see their favorite candy bar or food they’re highly allergic too. 

Then I commit a few thoughts to my prayer journal before bedtime. First, I enjoy journaling, but second and most importantly, I want to leave a record of my love.

When I was young, I used to love hearing my grandmother pray. Her faltering voice crackled and broke but I hung onto each word. Now, many years later, I’ve lost most of them.

The Hidden Commitment of Prayer

prayers for our grandchildren

I have eleven grandkids. And not for one moment could they possibly know the thousands of prayers I’ve said for them. They go about their days believing all is well, for the most part, and I love to see their carefree lives.

However, someday, they may come across the dozens of journals I have stored away in boxes. And I hope they read them. They’ll see the times I prayed for their pets, their math tests, their boo-boos and money for their birthday gifts.

They’ll see that I prayed them through driver’s education, dating, college, marriage, and their careers. Even for the times they called to confide in grandma about something pressing on their hearts. And that thing won’t be specifically recorded but maybe they’ll remember.

When you catch yourself thinking about your grandkids, turn those thoughts into prayers. It may be that you pray for just one or two. Or all of them as a group.

What things do you pray about for your grandchildren?