5 Community Service Projects That Teach Your Grandchildren How To Show Gratitude


There are many ways we can teach our grandchildren to give and show gratitude. And the younger they are, the better. Choose a few of these community service projects to get them started right at home.

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Most children love stories about police officers and firefighters. They understand these men and women are people helpers and young children readily look up to them.

Bake a batch of cookies and make thank you cards for these community helpers. Then take them to your local police and fire stations to show your gratitude.

Doctors and nurses work hard all day. They see many grumpy patients and are seldom thanked. The next time a trip to their pediatrician is needed, help your grandchild to color a bright and cheery picture to give to the personnel. 

We will always have homeless people. You and your grandchild can make a list of toiletries to take to a homeless shelter. Someone else can do the shopping, and deliver the items, but making the list and enjoying the accompanying conversation is part of the teamwork.

During gift-giving holidays, young children have long wish-lists for themselves. Help them to consider others by making a short list of inexpensive items to donate to charity. Things like hats, gloves, and scarves are usually all it takes. In addition, they’re learning that others love to receive gifts, too.

Look for opportunities to give

community service from home

What about the clothing you no longer wear or good, used items left in your basement? Could they benefit someone else? Ask your grandchildren to help round up your unused items. Call your local thrift shop to come pick them up. Also, make sure your grandchild is there when they bring the big truck. It’s part of the experience.

If you belong to a church or veteran’s club, inquire about upcoming opportunities to make cards for foreign missionaries or our service people.  

One of the best ways to instill a caring heart, in our grandkids, is to teach them to reach out to their neighbors. We can model this by having them accompany us when we take a bunch of flowers or produce from our gardens to our own neighbors. 

Finally, we don’t have to donate hours to the same place, at the same time, to be involved in community service. When we teach our grandchildren, it can start right at home.