What Comes After Your “Retirement Honeymoon”?


Like any honeymoon, it comes to an end and the rest of life begins and lasts much longer. What’s the best way to prepare for this phase of retirement?

After retirement honeymoon

First, assuming you’ve done your homework so that your budget is all squared away, make sure you’re healthy. This is a great time to get a physical and make any necessary diet and lifestyle changes.

Secondly, look around the house and yard. Are there minor repairs or maintenance that needs attention? If so, get busy checking those off the list. You’ll be at home more often now and these things left undone will nag more loudly.

Thirdly, If your attic, basement, garage, or spare rooms are full of unused items, start sorting. Give away or donate things that are honestly in the way, not needed or broken beyond repair. If you’d like to sell off some stuff, this is the time to do it. And while you’re at it– do some deep cleaning or hire a maid service for a one-time tidy.

Finally, make a list of big-ticket items you need to purchase such as a new sofa, bedroom set for the guest room, a lawn swing, or a new power tool. In your spare time, shop around for bargains and keep the list handy to remain focused. Add to it as needed.

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