How Willie Nelson Is A Major Inspiration For Grandkids Of All Ages


 Willie Nelson’s 2018 tour schedule will take him from Florida to California with several stops in between. This country music legend went from writing big hits for other country singers to taking his own place in the American spotlight. At the age of 82, Willie believes we should live life as if it’s our last day but perhaps the other guy’s last as well. 

classic country - willie nelson

That means artist and fan, alike, keep rolling–keep enjoying.

His redneck, hippie brand of country has been on the road since the 1970’s. His stage attire has stayed the same; jeans, tee-shirt, a bandanna and gym shoes. His hair and beard are long and his voice is a raspy tenor.

Early on, he felt the sting of skeptics but his collaborations with top names such as  Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Waylen Jennings, and Merle Haggard earned him the recognition he deserved.  

Nelson also had his day with the law due to his use of marijuana and fines levied by the IRS. He sued his accounting firm for mishandling his money and came to a settlement with the IRS.

Personal issues aside, Wille has landed top hits such as “Georgia On My Mind,” “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain,” and “Always On My Mind.” His rendition of “Whiskey River” is lauded by fans as one of country music’s best stage launches and the closest Nelson came to declaring a theme song.

Willie, along with other country music greats, raises money for family farmers with their annual Farm Aid Concert. The event combines organic foods, hands-on-learning activities that educate about the importance of the family farm and outstanding music. Since 1985, the concert has raised over $50 million.

His own brand of country

classic country - nelson

From a young boy in the cotton fields to teaching Sunday school and writing for other artists, Willie Nelson continues. Once ridiculed for his unique look and even the tone of his voice, he’s still on tour at the age of 84.

Great people come from all walks of life. Maybe it’s time to play some Willie Nelson and tell a few stories.