How To Choose The RIGHT Caregiver For Yourself


The best time to think about choosing a caregiver is before you or a loved one absolutely needs one. Then, when the time comes, the transition will be much smoother.

choosing a caregiver for yourself or a loved one?

What you don’t want is to wake up one morning and decide you need a caregiver that week. If your needs have gone unaddressed for that long, you’re already behind. 

None of us relishes the downside of aging nor the life-changing crisis of illness and disease. However, we will all face one or more of these situations. Chances are, we’ll need more help than our families alone can provide.

When I was young, my paternal grandmother lived with us, but not until she was too frail to defend herself and her finances were lacking. Once she moved in, her health issues, all age-related, began to mount. When they became too much for my parents to handle, she transitioned to a nursing home. 

And so aging, with its good and bad points, must be taken into account just as we plan our budgets and restock the shelves of our pantry. We’re going to come into need and it’s best to accept that and plan ahead.

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