The Top 3 Teas To Drink For A Better Night’s Sleep


Our mothers gave us warm milk when we couldn’t sleep. We’ve probably passed that down to our grandchildren, along with a sleepytime story and extra cuddles. However, when it comes to us– bring on the tea.

sleeplessness and tea

Avid bedtime, tea drinkers swear by their chamomile. However, they don’t jump up to get it after rolling around for hours. It’s part of their wind-down routine. After a cup of the warm, soothing liquid, they close their books and turn out the lights.

Research says that chamomile relaxes nerves and muscles as well as providing a mild sedative effect. Therefore, those suffering from restless legs and twitching muscles may find relief in this fragrant tea.

Valerian has a stronger effect and is also good for anxiety. Many claim that a glass of this potent brew helps them get to sleep quicker and relieves their minor aches and pains.

However, it can become addicting and interfere with the effectiveness of certain medications. If you want to give it a try, first consult with your doctor.

The third runner-up is decaffeinated green tea. It not only reduces stress and aids in sleep but is a trusted source for weight loss, better brain power and digestion.

Next up is lavender. An olfactory stimulus test suggests that lavender, which can be inhaled or drunk as a tea, has a calming effect on men and women. But was especially useful to treat mild, post-partum depression. 

Cheers to a Good Night’s Sleep

sleeplessness and tea

One of the best things about a good night’s sleep is getting up the next morning. When we enter the day refreshed, we have more energy and a better outlook. 

As grandparents, that means more stamina to enjoy our grandchildren. 

If you’re one of those people who find the taste of herbal teas bitter or grassy, add a little honey or a splash of fruit juice.

And remember, if you choose to give tea a try, talk it over with your doctor. He or she can best advise you concerning your sleep habits and the addition of tea to your nightly routine.

Once you get the go-ahead, break out the teacups; milk for the grands and tea for grandma and grandpa.